Sensors Made Simple

WiFi Miles of Wireless Range
Battery Years of Battery Life

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Sense and Control the Physical World

With GPS, Beep sensors help you keep track of anything. With just one gateway, you can track data from miles away.

Beep connects to sensors from Grove and CE.

It All Starts Here: The Sensor Kit

Plug in a gateway.
Add on sensor (or a thousand!).
See your data in the cloud.

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Unprecedented Wireless Range

Beep Sensors use new LoRa radio technology, enabling miles of wireless range in the 900MHz wireless band. Then we amplify the signal, extending the range even further.

Even in tough environments like factories or corporate offices, a single gateway will cover most facilities.

Unbeatable Battery Life

Beep sensors last for years on AA batteries, eliminating installation and steep maintenance costs. True set-and-forget IoT.

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Battery Life

Network Ready | Beep sensor hardware is compatible with LoRaWAN networks being built by these operators. Learn More

LoRaWAN Operators

Secure By Design

All network communication is encrypted end-to-end with AES and device-specific private keys. And because Beep sensors use their own network, they're fully isolated from existing corporate systems.


Enterprise-Grade Reliability

Never lose a bit. Beep data links are robust against data loss at multiple layers of the stack. That's why Beep sensors are used in mission-critical environments today.


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By default, Beep Sensors can connect to any Beep Gateway, extending your network around the globe.

Frequently Asked Questions

Miles of range, seriously?
Yes, though local conditions matter a lot. While we might achieve 30 miles with line-of-sight in the countryside, here in the “noisy” environment around our San Francisco office, a single mile is more typical. See our blog for more about range tests.
Can Beep sensors connect to the same cellular networks as my phone?
No. Phone networks are not designed for IoT devices that need long battery life. Beep sensors connect to a new kind of cellular network designed specifically for IoT. Some of these networks are being built by cellular phone network carriers, but they are new and different networks.
What is your schedule for supporting new carriers?
The truth is, we’re not quite sure. Beep sensors are compatible with LoRaWAN networks and of course we’re excited to get them connected everywhere they can be. Most networks are not yet fully up-and-running for integration, and we’ll obviously have to have partnerships in place to pay for access. In the meantime, Beep sensors work great with Beep gateways.
What’s the data throughput of Beep's wireless link?
Beep sensors and networks adapt their data rate, depending on distance to the nearest tower or gateway. Data rate ranges from about 50 kbps to less than 1 kbps. Plenty of throughput for most sensor readings, though not enough to stream YouTube.
How many sensors can connect to each Beep MicroTower gateway?
Several thousand in typical applications.
How do Beep sensors get years of battery life?
Beep's network protocol allows devices to spend most of their time in a low-power “sleep” mode. They wake only for fractions of a second to read sensors or send data. In sleep mode, our devices draw about 4 µA.
Do you sell complete sensors in enclosures?
We do, for larger installations. Please email us to learn more about our complete solutions.
Who are you guys?
We’re a venture-backed startup in San Francisco, founded by early members of the Android, Access, and Platforms team at Google. Our investors include Y-Combinator, Fuel Capital, and WTI.